A Kansas Home, 1910's

The Magialt Series presents...

A game tribute to the United States of America.

Help Ulrica defend the people of America today!

Magialt's Kansas Panic! is an anime-inspired cross between a bullet hell and a tower defense that takes place in the heartland of the United States of America during the Great War. It takes the aesthetics of the beloved Nintendo GameBoy and uses it to reflect the colorless films of the early 1900’s. Play as Ulrica Sanford, the sweetest girl you'll meet from the heart of America, and defend your turf while dodging the bullets and enemies that come your way to hurt you. As you stand your ground in the battlefield, retro-renditions of classic tunes loved by Americans throughout time will play; including Stars and Stripes Forever, The Yellow Rose of Texas, and, of course, The Star-Spangled Banner. Kansas Panic! is an all-around American game!NOTE: Please be aware that this is NOT the final product. The game is currently in Beta, so features may be changed or added in the full demo and in the final product.NOTE: Please read the disclaimers before playing the game.NOTE: There has been some reports of people's antiviruses detecting this game at its current form as a virus. It is not a virus, but there won't be any work on this problem any time soon. According to YoYo Games, who is the creator of the game engine that this game runs on, there is a process that needs to be done with third-party sources in order for this to be resolved. Click here for more information.UPDATE: First, and perhaps only update from Japan! Surprisingly, I have more free time than I had in America. It's a blessing that I could release this update.- Since people have pointed out that it was hard to play the game with the color palette that it has, an option to turn on outlines has been added to the settings. Outlines by default will be turned on.
- In addition to visual changes, the sprite for the default bullet and the cloud projectiles from the Cumulus enemies of stage 3 have been changed so it can be easier to notice them.
- The color of the petals of Clytie and the enemies of stage 1 have been changed to reflect the color of the sunflowers on the ground.
- Dorothy is now easier. Her bullet are patterns slower, and she won't reach the bottom. There is a lot to take advantage of here.
- The player's invincibility frames are now a little longer.
- The way bombs work have changed. Secondaries have also been nerfed when used on bosses.
- The timer on the top of the level should fade when you go under it. Now you don't have a blind spot when you stand there.
- When you defeat a boss, the time it takes to go to the result is now shorter.
- The default pause key is now Escape.
- You can't bind the same keys anymore.
- When you buy things in the shop, the choice you selected will blink before you confirm them.
- You no longer need to delete your save file anymore when you're downloading a new update.
I feel very confident that the core of the game is getting closer to a point where I can comfortably design enemies and levels without changing any of the basic mechanics. Hopefully, I can release another update before the next semester starts, because I believe that semester will be very busy!



"The Sweet Kansas Girl"

Born in October 19, 1900 in Kansas City, Kansas.
In 1916, she was 16.
Bomb: Stonewall's Laser
Weapons: A rifle with a bayonet, a derringer, and a Ketchum grenade
A sweet, charming girl from the heart of America.Ulrica Sanford is a magical girl from the rural outskirts of Kansas City, Kansas. She defends the Kansas City area between Kansas and Missouri from the dark forces unseen from everyday life. She is very proud of her family's military history, a tradition ever since her ancestors first landed on the shores of a once unsettled continent. She believes she is doing her part in defending her nation by fighting against the lurking shadows. Besides her career as a magical girl, she helps her family work the fields of their farm.


These little, adorable rodents are not like any normally found anywhere in the world. Despite their uncanny resemblance to rats and mice, it is impossible to spot a point of divergence anywhere in the evolutionary tree of Earth's biosphere between them. The most significant characteristic about the Shaqea is their cube-shaped heads, and their near impeccable intelligence and sentience.

However, these creatures most certainly not mean any harm. They assist magical girls like Ulrica Sanford with their mission of defending people from the encroaching forces of darkness. They don't actually fight alongside magical girls, but they prefer to watch the battle go on, and then make assessments on what is needed for the girls to eliminate their opponents. The Shaqea are the ones who provide the supplies that magical girls want, for a price, of course. While it's nice to help in the battle against the shadows, some payment is nice.



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